Friday, July 22, 2011

Summertime Parties

As usual, you can always count on July to introduce the heat into summer. Now that we've had a proper welcome to the most lively season of all, let's start planning a party to thoroughly enjoy the time we have in the sun.

Summertime parties are some of the best parties you can have. The weather is almost always perfect if not just right, people feel alive and a special sense of fun fills the atmosphere. Maybe it's the clear skies, maybe it's the warmth on your skin or maybe it's the bright sunny days that puts everyone in a cheerful mood. Whatever it is, we're happy to finally have summer back!

Now is the time to gather your favorite friends and family for a backyard barbecue, a pool party, or a midsummer night's cocktail party. Plan your party like you're dressing for summer: lightly. This will ensure an easy-going atmosphere and chill time, which is what summer is all about.

For food options, consider having a snack table with an assortment of chilled fruits and veggies with some light ranch dip. Maybe some salad would work as well. Avoid the greesy chip snacks, these can get heavy and messy which is not a good combination with the heat. 

Burgers and hot dogs are a staple at any summertime cookout, but you can also choose to have chicken or vegetable skewers instead. Desserts MUST be cold: ice cream, ice cream cake, sherbets or popsicles are great choices.

For drinks, keep a selection of beers, sodas, water and juices on ice. You can even have a concession machine rentals like margarita machine or a slushie/snow cone machine on deck to add a little flare. Nighttime cocktail parties may call for a full bar and bartender to attend to a variety of drink preferences. 

Cold drinks are a great way to keep your guests cool in the sun, but don't forget about tent rentals to put up for shade. You certainly don't want any dizzy spells on your hands at your party. 

In any case, make sure to have plenty of tables and chairs for all your guests to comfortably eat at or take a break from standing around in the heat. Have appropriate music playing to make sure guests don't remain seated for too long, though. 

Pop music is great for a lively party atmosphere, but if your party is more laidback, then island music will be perfect. For nighttime cocktail parties, consider jazz music for entertainment; and if your daytime party is going to include kids, consider water slides and games.

For decor and lighting, keep things bright. Bright and neon colored streamers, accessories, tablecloths, utensils and even food and drinks will add to the mood. As an outdoor party, bug repellent candles are essential. They can even double as lighting once the sun sets. If you have the space and money for it, a fire pit would be an awesome addition to really top off that summer atmosphere.

Summertime is fun time. Get your friends and family together, fire up the grill, pour the drinks and turn up the music for a memorable party


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