Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Laugh N' Giggle Bouncers - Florida Jumper Rentals

Laugh N' Giggle Bouncers is a locally owned and family operated Florida jumper rentals company in the Palm Bay and Melbourne area. If you are planning birthday parties, corporate events, church events, school function, family reunion with bouncers and waterslides then Laugh N' Giggle Bouncers is the right place for you. Laugh N' Giggle Bouncers is fully insured, as well as licensed.

Laugh N' Giggle Bouncers' prices are competitive as we will match any local competitor's price. They bring the fun to you by offering free delivery and set-up so no worries for you.

For your safety, their equipment is cleaned, sanitized, and inspected prior to every use. Their friendly and courteous delivery team will deliver your equipment promptly and with a smile. Laugh N' Giggle Bouncers will provide you with the best equipment and the most outstanding service in Brevard County.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party Hoppers - Seattle Party Rentals

Party hoppers is a family owned and operated seattle party rentals business. Party hoppers are dependable and deliver clean units on time, every time! Party hoppers are also very flexible and easy to work with. Make your next party or event exciting and memorable. It's easy - Party hoppers delivers, sets-up and picks-up when your event is over. Party hoppers has a large variety of sizes, styles and themes to choose from.

Party hoppers take reservations for any day of the week, including holidays. We also do late evening pick-ups at no extra charge.

We Deliver to the Seattle / Bellevue / Bothell / Federal Way / Auburn Washington Area!

Billy's Bounce House - St. Lucie Florida Party Rentals

Welcome to Billy's Bounce House, your Saint Lucie party rentals, Indian River, Martin and Okeechobee county party rental company. We service all of these counties, delivery, setup and pickup all included. Give us a call today to get pricing and availability for your next event.

Billy's Bounce House has bounce houses, jump and slide combos, inflatable slides, dunk tanks, sumo suits, fun games, food machines, and more! Billy's Bounce House services every party and event, big and small, from backyard parties, private parties, school events, corporate events, carnivals and more.

Give Billy's Bounce House a call today to get pricing and availability for your next event!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

U.S. vs. Chinese Manufacturers, who to choose?

This debate has been going on for a while and is prevalent in every manufacturing industry. The question is really left for each person to make for himself or herself. You must take a couple of things into consideration when you make your decision to go with an overseas company or with a local company. Do you want to buy something for cheap, with low quality, or pay a little more and have a quality product? Other things you want to take into consideration are the image of your company, repair costs, delivery time, potentially hazardous products, and legal ramifications.

Overseas companies have been infamous for making low quality inflatables that tend to break down much sooner than US inflatables. The reason for this is because usually in overseas countries like China or India there is no minimum wage and/or age laws, meaning companies tend to hire the cheapest workers. This leads to workers with no skills or experience producing your products, which in turn leads to defects and low quality production. Consumers of overseas products have noticed the difference and suffered the consequences of low quality products. One of the reasons for this is because overseas companies are not liable for any defective or non-safe products they make. There is no way for an individual or a company to get recourse from an overseas company for a defective product. This leaves individuals and companies that purchase from overseas companies vulnerable to lawsuits from anyone using their products. Normally if your products are purchased from U.S. manufacturers, than the manufacturer will be liable for any defective products, and their insurance will pay up. However, between international transactions there is no such enforcement or security.

Who do you ship your product to when you need a repair? That’s another question to ask yourself when purchasing from an overseas company or even a distributor of an overseas company. Sales people might mislead you by saying its made in the U.S., even though it’s not, so how can you tell if there telling the truth or lying? First and foremost you can tell by the price, if the price is surprisingly lower than other companies then they are either using low quality products or importing from overseas. A good question to ask companies is how long the warranty is on the product and what happens when there is damage or repair that needs to be done on it. No one in the right mind will ship their product back to China to get it repaired, it takes weeks to deliver and costs an arm and a leg to ship, so what do they do? They’ll usually end up going back to the U.S. based company for repairs and find out how much easier it is to work with someone who is local.

The image people get from ones products and services is what they’ll remember the most about a certain company. Also people tend to identify products or services based on the country of origin. U.S. is and always has been known for safety, quality, and customer service. Overseas countries like China have been infamous for making hazardous products, creating defective units, and using low quality materials. Usually people that tend to buy into the low price, low quality products, are usually the ones that give the same type of service. These types of companies are never successful in the long run, maybe for a short period, but never on a continuous basis. Customers always want to deal with companies that care for safety, security, and service. There are always price shoppers, but the trend of customer habits have moved towards a requirement for corporate social responsibility. This means they want to deal with companies that will look after their best interest at all times, whether it’s with safe products or good service, they are willing to pay the extra price.

So when considering to buy products from a US inflatable manufacturer or overseas manufacturer, ask yourself what type of product and service you expect to get. Then ask yourself what happens after you get your product, is there any technical support or help from the company or do you simply get a bill and a thank you. Try doing some research if you are not convinced and follow the examples of successful companies with the best customer service, and see what type of products they use. I can guarantee you they use the highest quality products or else they would not stay in business for long.

Advertise Through Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have created a world where people and businesses can connect and keep in touch with one another on a personal level. Almost everyone has at least one type of social networking account and uses it to keep track of their friends, family, classmates, coworkers, or other interests. Social networking sites also create a great way for companies to stay connected with their clients and their community. Customers typically like to do business with companies that are on a personal level with them and listen to their feedback and opinions. Therefore, connecting with your customers through social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter help you keep in touch with your customers.

People generally keep tabs of their social networking sites on a daily basis, place updates, posts, and so forth for followers and friends to see. Companies advertising through social networks in essence do the same thing. By sharing information about public events, party tips, suggestions, discounts, promotions, new products, etc., you keep the customer informed and up to date about what’s going on with your company. Since the majority of sales for moonwalk rental companies come from repeat customers, this is a great way to keep them updated and informed, thus increasing the likelihood of retaining them as customers. So how do you get started?

First and foremost you would need to create an account at these sites. It is suggested you use your company name and create business profiles where allowed instead of personal pages. After creating a profile, you will then need to get connected with your customers. The fastest way to go about this is to send a mass email to your customers notifying them about your new networking sites and how to join. Some people might instantly add your company and get connected while others might disregard the email either because they are not interested or they don't use those services. A great way to motivate your customers to add your sites is to offer them an incentive like a discount on their next jumper rentals.

Now you have your list, but how do you grow it? To grow your list it is highly advised to post links to your social networking sites on all of your websites pages. You can also add the links to your email signature and any letters or faxes sent out. The more avenues you use to notify people of your networking sites the more people you will have joining or adding you to keep in touch.

So you have your list and people are joining, now how do you use it to promote your business? There are plenty of ways to promote your party rental business through social networking sites. Generally you should open up discussions with your customers to get them involved and participate in the networking sites. Any information regarding discounts, promotions, public events, new products, testimonials, videos, photos, should be shared with customers to keep them updated with all facets of your company. Since people keep track of their networking sites on a daily basis, notifying them of such things will keep them instantly updated with your company.

What are the costs? None, social networking sites are free. The only cost is time. Time to login and update your site with information. The fabric of our society is molded together through media news and social sites that streamline information to people. Keeping an updated and informative social networking campaign will greatly improve your customer's information regarding your company and services and help drive sales and increase revenue on any promotions and deals.

We invite you to join our social networking sites and stay connected with us for the latest updates in the moonwalk rental industry, events, moonwalk business advertising, business startup, special promotions and discounts, and more.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Playroom - Richmond Virginia Party Rentals

The Playroom is a richmond party rentals & Play Center that also does inflatable rentals for Richmond, Ashland, Glen Allen, Fredericksburg, Mechanicsville and Highland Springs. Admission to the indoor play center are $8 (plus tax) infants and adults Free!

The Playroom is an indoor amusement center for kids of all ages, where you can bring the whole family to play and have fun. Inside you'll find a variety of large, interactive inflatables, moonwalks, jumpers, bounce houses, bouncy castles, a pretend town, arts and crafts, snack bar, new friends to meet, party rooms, lots to climb on, jump off, crawl through and slide down.

Everyone is welcome at The Playroom during regular business hours. Socks & signed waivers required to play.