Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Planning for A Grad Party at the Top of Its Class

It is graduation season and grads of all ages are ready to celebrate their academic successes in preparation for a fun-filled summer leading to a new chapter in their lives.

A graduation party is one of the most exciting parties students may ever attend. It takes some work tor properly plan and successfully host a grad party, so read on to find out how to celebrate at the top of your class!

Since graduation is celebrated with so many family members and friends, it is important to host your party on a date that allows graduates to be flexible with their own commitments and celebrations. Plan ahead to give guests enough time to secure the date and inform them on dress codes and whether meals will be served.

Create a guest list to help make planning easier. You can count on your closest family and friends, but if guests can’t commit to your party, invite them to drop-in whenever they can to celebrate with you. You may even invite a broader list of friends and classmates to make your party one of the stops for celebration in case there are a number of grad parties going on in town.

A menu for your party should definitely be age-appropriate. Depending on whether it is a pre-school graduation party or college graduation party, your selection of food and drinks will surely differ.

Pre-school and elementary kids may be entertained with snacks and juices, whereas middle school and high school kids might prefer pizzas and soda. Be careful with the older high school kids that may try to sneak in alcohol. Underage drinking is not a problem you want to deal with during your celebration.

A college grad party may call for a more sophisticated menu of appetizers, a variety of foods to fill a plate with and desserts. Beer, wine and cocktails might also entertain your guests better.

As you can see, even the menu will take some planning, but no matter what, do not forget a “Congratulations Graduates!” cake to share with guests.

For decorations, stay true to your school’s colors and mascot. You may also include themes of major events and accomplishments for your school in your graduating year. Since graduation is in the springtime, an outdoor or luau themed party may also be appropriate.

To entertain your guests, decide on a DJ or live band for music that caters to the older graduates. Maybe hula dancers for the luau parties or magicians and face painters for grade school grads.

There are a number of items to plan and budget for in hosting a grad party, just make sure to include your graduate in on all aspects of planning. It is their special moment to say goodbye to past memories and prepare for the future, so be sure to celebrate the memorable occasion with a special party.

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